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What’s up with the stock?

What's up with the stock?

Nic, our founder, explains our current stock situation and why you might not have been able to redeem a specific giftcard

When do we get the marketplace in Germany?

For more information about the German marketplace relaunch please check out this video

Where are we at as a business?

Do you want to know more about where are we at as a business? Find out here

What’s happening with the new marketplace?

Our community guru Pete gives you the lowdown on the new marketplace

Are we a scam?

Nic addresses people’s concerns about whether they can trust us

What is our business model?

Want to know how we do business? Find out here

Welcome to our community page

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Why have we been sending mixed messages?

Our communication with you has been a little confusing. Here’s why

Why is the marketplace more expensive?

This has been the hottest question. Here’s our straight answer

What's behind this new account health scoring?

If you want to know why some people are seeing more expensive items, watch this